It doesn’t really have to be said, but race relations in the country aren’t great. According to a Gallup Poll documenting the state of race relations between blacks and whites, relations were perceived to be at a 15 year low in 2015.

The annual poll measures the percentage of blacks and whites who think relations are either “very good” or “somewhat good,” and the results didn’t lend any surprises. Since 2001, results from white respondents showed that race relations were perceived as being the best in 2007 with a score of 75, while black respondents perceived relations being the best, with a score of 68, in both 2002 and 2004.

On the less glamorous side, both black and white respondents perceived race relations to be the worst in 2015, with scores of 45 and 51 respectively, showing a steep drop off from Obama’s first year in office.  So, how did people perceive relations in 2016? Well, it may depend on your general outlook on things.  If you are a glass half full kind of person, you will be delighted to know that the scores increased to 49 and 55 respectively.  If you are a glass half empty kind of person, you will not be delighted to hear that the 2016 scores were the second lowest in the most recent 16 year span, despite the modest increase from 2015.

Unfortunately, the racial divide doesn’t seem to be closing anytime soon with Trump command, so I wouldn’t hold your breath for the survey scores to rise much, if at all, during 2017.

Title Image via “Black Lives Matter” by Phil Roeder is licensed under CC BY 2.0