Betsy DeVos has been at the center of much scrutiny since her embarrassing confirmation hearing and vote. But now that policies are starting to be put in place, we felt like checking the performance of the Detroit area charter schools, since she was instrumental in the proliferation of charter schools in the state of Michigan.     So, we compiled a list of the Detroit area charter schools from Metro Parent  and researched how said schools are actually performing.

If you are a proponent of charter schools, you may want to stop reading now, because the rankings are ugly; very ugly. Without further ado, see below for each school’s statewide percentile rank, with 1st being the worst and 99th being the best, per the Michigan Department of Education:

  1. Academy for Business and Technology Elementary School (8th)
  2. Academy for Business and Technology-Middle, High (5th)
  3. Academy of International Studies (6th)
  4. Achieve Charter Academy (99th)
  5. Advanced Technology Academy (22nd)
  6. American International Academy (2nd)
  7. American Montessori Academy – Upper Elementary (11th)
  8. Branch Line School (13th)
  9. Bridge Academy – West Campus (55th)
  10. Caniff Liberty Academy (20th)
  11. Canton Charter Academy (99th)
  12. Cesar Chavez Academy Elementary School (14th)
  13. Cesar Chavez Academy Upper Elementary (44th)
  14. Cesar Chavez Academy Middle School (16th)
  15. Cesar Chavez Academy High School (20th)
  16. Chandler Park Academy Elementary School (17th)
  17. Chandler Park Academy Middle School (31st)
  18. Chandler Park Academy High School (26th)
  19. Commonwealth Community Development Academy (17th)
  20. Creative Montessori Academy (42nd)
  21. David Ellis Academy (2nd)
  22. David Ellis Academy West (30th)
  23. Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences – Lower and Upper Elementary (7th)
  24. Detroit Academy of Arts and Sciences – Middle (7th)
  25. Detroit Community Schools-Elementary (12th)
  26. Detroit Community Schools-High School (3rd)
  27. Detroit Edison Public School Academy (87th)
  28. Detroit Enterprise Academy (51st)
  29. Detroit Innovation Academy (5th)
  30. Detroit Leadership Academy – Elementary (8th)
  31. Detroit Leadership Academy – Middle, High (1st)
  32. Detroit Merit Charter Academy (58th)
  33. Detroit Premier Academy (42nd)
  34. Detroit Service Learning Academy (7th)
  35. Dove Academy of Detroit (25th)
  36. Flagship Charter Academy (12th)
  37. Frontier International Academy (39th)
  38. GEE Edmonson Academy (12th)
  39. GEE White Academy (11th)
  40. George Crockett Academy (14th)
  41. George Washington Carver Academy-Elementary (1st)
  42. George Washington Carver Academy – Middle (4th)
  43. Global Heights Academy (13th)
  44. Hamilton Academy (7th)
  45. Hamtramck Academy (78th)
  46. Hanley International Academy (54th)
  47. Henry Ford Academy (41st)
  48. Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies (14th)
  49. Henry Ford Academy: School for Creative Studies-Elementary (2nd)
  50. Hope Academy (8th)
  51. Hope of Detroit Academy (43rd)
  52. International Preparatory Academy of MacDowell Campus (7th)
  53. Jalen Rose Leadership Academy (8th)
  54. James and Grace Lee Boggs School (2nd)
  55. Joy Preparatory Academy (10th)
  56. Keystone Academy (89th)
  57. Legacy Charter Academy (22nd)
  58. Lincoln-King Academy (20th)
  59. Madison-Carver Academy (9th)
  60. Martin Luther King Jr. Education Center Academy (38th)
  61. Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts, Dominican Campus-Elementary (10th)
  62. Marvin L. Winans Academy of Performing Arts, Dominican Campus-Middle (8th)
  63. Metro Charter Academy (29th)
  64. Michigan Technical Academy – Elementary (0 – Didn’t know it was possible to be below 1 in percentile rankings)
  65. Michigan Technical Academy – Middle (3rd)
  66. Murphy Performance Academy (11th)
  67. New Paradigm Glazer Academy (38th)
  68. New Paradigm Loving Academy (33rd)
  69. Oakland International Academy – Elementary School (12th)
  70. Oakland International Academy – Middle School (36th)
  71. Oakland International Academy – High School (9th)
  72. Old Redford Academy – Elementary School (17th)
  73. Old Redford Academy – Middle School (29th)
  74. Old Redford Academy – Preparatory High School (7th)
  75. Plymouth Educational Center – Elementary and Middle School (4th)
  76. Plymouth Scholars (99th)
  77. Quest Charter Academy (44th)
  78. Regent Park Scholars Academy (8th)
  79. Riverside Academy (21st)
  80. Riverside Academy West (16th)
  81. Ross-Hill Academy (4th)
  82. Rutherford Winans Academy (12th)
  83. South Canton Scholars Charter Academy (98th)
  84. Southwest Detroit Lighthouse Charter Academy (13th)
  85. Star International Academy (49th)
  86. Starr Detroit Academy (3rd)
  87. Stewart Performance Academy (15th)
  88. Summit Academy School (40th)
  89. Summit Academy School (North) – Elementary (60th)
  90. Summit Academy School (North) – Middle (29th)
  91. Summit Academy School (North) – High (54th)
  92. Taylor Exemplar Academy (59th)
  93. The Dearborn Academy (58th)
  94. Timbuktu Academy of Science and Technology (2nd)
  95. Tipton Academy (41st)
  96. Trillium Academy (50th)
  97. Trix Performance Academy (12th)
  98. Universal Academy (7th)
  99. Universal Learning Academy (23rd)
  100. University YES Academy – Elementary, Middle (5th)
  101. Voyageur Academy (13th)
  102. Voyageur College Prep High School (10th)
  103. Warrendale Charter Academy (7th)
  104. Washington-Parks Academy (19th)
  105. Weston Preparatory Academy (25th)
  106. West Village Academy (20th)
  107. Woodward Academy (4th)

Editor’s Note: Schools from Metro Parent which were not listed in the Michigan Dept. of Education listings were omitted from the list and calculations. 

Those are grim ratings to say the least, but to summarize the rankings of the 107 schools:

  • 1 school in the 0 percentile
  • Approximately 33% ranked in the lowest 10% of schools in the state
  • Approximately 87% ranked in the 50th percentile or lower of schools in the state
  • Average percentile rank was 24.6%
  • Most common percentile rank was 7th percentile

The numbers don’t lie, and they show a dismal record thus far.  Betsy DeVos’ Twitter profile states she is “an advocate of school choice,” and Detroit students definitely have multiple options now thanks to charter schools.  Unfortunately, they are lacking the option for quality schools.

Title Image via “Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos at CPAC 2017 Feb 23rd 2017 by Michael Vadon” by Michael Vadon is licensed under CC BY 2.0