Taxes are frustrating, and they are even more frustrating when the government spends your money in ridiculous ways, but you can take solace in the fact that certain states are far worse than others when it comes to the state portion of income taxes.  So, here are the ten worst states for income taxes per Turbo Tax:

  1. California – 13.3%
  2. Oregon – 9.9%
  3. Minnesota – 9.85%
  4. Iowa – 8.98%
  5. New Jersey – 8.97%
  6. Vermont – 8.95%
  7. District of Columbia – 8.95%
  8. New York – 8.82%
  9. Hawaii – 8.25%
  10. Wisconsin – 7.65%

California being at the top of the list shouldn’t surprise anyone as they love big government there, but the margin by which they lead Oregon, 3.4%, is astounding given that numerous states don’t have even have a state income tax. Also, keep in mind that this is state only, there is still that small matter of federal income tax too. As always, we wanted to see each state’s political tendencies.   So, we looked at how each voted in the previous four presidential elections with the results being documented as follows (2004 Presidential Election, 2008 Presidential Election, 2012 Presidential Election, 2016 Presidential Election):

  1. California (Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat)
  2. Oregon (Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat)
  3. Minnesota (Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat)
  4. Iowa (Republican, Democrat, Democrat, Republican)
  5. New Jersey (Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat)
  6. Vermont (Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat)
  7. District of Columbia (Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat)
  8. New York (Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat)
  9. Hawaii (Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat)
  10. Wisconsin (Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Republican)

Election results obtained from Wikipedia

There’s a lot of Democrat support in those states.  But the Democratic Party is known for favoring larger government, so this really isn’t a surprise.

Title Image via “California Republic” by Hakan Dahlstrom is licensed under CC BY 2.0

{Via TurboTax}