Shockingly, inserting a hanger into someone’s backside isn’t that big of a deal in the state of Idaho. I know what you are thinking, that sounds like kind of a big deal, and I would agree with you. According to Idaho’s KTVB News, John Howard and a 17 year old teammate inserted a hanger into the rectum of an 18 year old student with mental disabilities, and then kicked the hanger once it was inserted in the student’s rectum. Despite this, the Deputy Attorney General entered a plea agreement with Howard which included a guilty plea to felony injury to a child; however, it omitted a felony charge of penetration with a foreign object, which seems like it would have been appropriate. You know, since the victim was rectally penetrated with a foreign object.

According to  KTVB News:

“A white former football player at Dietrich High School who admitted to kicking a coat hanger into the rectum of his black, disabled teammate will avoid prison, thanks to a plea agreement between his defense attorney and the Idaho Attorney General’s Office.

John R.K. Howard, 19, pleaded guilty Friday to felony injury to a child. The charge was amended from felony penetration with a foreign object, which would have required him to register as a sex offender.

Deputy Attorney General Casey Hemmer said in court that he did not believe the assault constituted a sex crime.

“It was egregious behavior. It caused this victim a lot of suffering,” he said. “But it is not, in our view, a sex crime, which is why the state has amended this charge. We don’t believe it is appropriate for Mr. Howard to suffer the consequences of a sex offender, but he still needs to be held accountable, and that’s how we’ve arrived at where we’re at today.”

At this point, the Deputy Attorney General states that the perpetrator needs to be held accountable, a statement for which everyone is probably in agreement.  Don’t get too ahead of yourself though, because the “accountability” that he was sentenced to leaves just a little bit to be desired.

As KTVB continued reporting:

“As part of the plea agreement, Judge Randy Stoker agreed not to send Howard to prison for the attack. Instead, he will receive a withheld judgment, probation and possibly community service. “

Probation and maybe community service? You sure taught him a lesson. So, how much hard time in community service was given? 300 hours. Hard hitting consequences going on here. My grandmother rivaled this punishment when I was caught stealing a Kit-Kat from her kitchen as a kid, and I know for a fact it didn’t deter future transgressions.

Idaho regulations allow for people convicted of public urination to be charged as a sex offender and to be placed on the sex offender registry. Public urination outside a bar after midnight, where no child should ever be, can land you a spot on the infamous sex offender registry, but kicking a hangar up someone’s butt does not.

{Via KTVB News}

Title Image via “Wire Hangers” by Saim is licensed under CC BY 2.0