According to NYU, Hillary Clinton would have been perceived far worse if she was a man, and therefore, she actually benefited from her gender despite claims to the contrary. The shocking thing here – the finding was identified  by NYU, an unabashedly liberal institution.

Maria Guadalupe, an associate professor of economics and political science, and Joe Salvatore, a clinical associate professor of educational theater, joined forces to conduct a study on  the effects of gender bias in the outcome of the 2016 presidential election. The only problem is that the outcome directly contradicted  the assertions made by the more left leaning crowd – that Clinton would have fared better had she been a male.

Prior to the NYU study, Guadalupe had the following comments regarding her expectations of how the study would turn out:

“Trump’s aggression—his tendency to interrupt and attack—would never be tolerated in a woman, and that Clinton’s competence and preparedness would seem even more convincing coming from a man.”

After clearly articulating her expectations, it was time for her to get to the experiment, which took the form of a performance in January 2017 titled Her Opponent, and like I mentioned before, the results were unexpected.

The results showed that many observers failed to identify the qualities they admired in Hillary Clinton in her male impersonator, with one observer stating the male Clinton was “really punchable.”  On the contrary, many observers found Trump’s female impersonator’s tactics to be clever and endearing, unlike his portrayal in the media as unpresidential and rude.

To take the results a step further, it would mean that Hillary Clinton actually performed better due to her gender, given that her tactics, tone, impressions, and overall body language would have been received less favorably coming from a male.

Despite actor Nick Offerman telling The Wrap in October of 2016 that the “election would be over already” if Hillary Clinton was a man, an actual study by a respected university shows that Hillary would have performed worse if she were a man. Perhaps, he was meaning that she would have already lost if she were a man, but either way, maybe he should stick to acting and focus less on political predictions.

Title Image via “100_0954” by Daniel Oines is licensed under CC BY 2.0