According to the Sacramento Bee, an audit report of the California Board of Equalization found that the agency was having some difficulty finding how it spent tens of millions of taxpayer dollars. The report states that well-paid tax auditors were assigned to what was called “parking lot duty” at a promotional event.   I don’t have too much background on what California tax auditors do, but I can assume that providing security over a parking lot probably isn’t in their job description.

Unfortunately for the Board of Equalization, this isn’t their first time coming under fire for potentially wasteful spending.  Back in January, the Board’s elected members were put on an allowance for how much they could spend for outreach programs in their districts, because they spent too much, or approximately $1.6 million, on events and mailers last year.  So now, they are restricted to only $800,000 to spend on such outreach programs in their respective districts.   It is pretty shameless to use taxpayer money to run a campaign to show off your work, but to each their own I guess. Big governments will always find a way to waste money.

At least they didn’t allegedly stash $175 million dollars in a hidden fund like the University of California system: Janet Napolitano and The University of California System Are Under Fire From State Legislators.

Title Image via “We didn’t need a parking attendant at the old lot.” by Darin McClure is licensed under CC BY 2.0