Let’s take a moment to congratulate the Idaho Senate for resisting the urge to pass an unnecessary law, because nowadays, laws seem to be passed like they are going out of style in a hurry. A bill, which had already passed the House, aiming prevent the profiling of motorcyclists was stopped cold in the state Senate via a 22-13 vote.   Why would this law have been necessary?  It is already unlawful to pull someone over for no reason at all, which is a kind of a great thing about America, so passing another law making it illegal to pull someone over without cause is not only redundant, it is a waste of time and resources.

Senator Jim Rice was quoted in the  The Spokesman-Review as saying of the bill: “It would tend to remind that profiling, for First Amendment things, for what someone is wearing, for what someone is driving, all of which are legal activities, is not appropriate.”

It’s hard to tell if there was a “need” for the legislation or if someone needed something to do to pass the time, but at least the State Senate had the common sense to put a stop to an unnecessary and redundant law.

Title Image via “Harley riders on I4” by Ian Griffiths is licensed under CC BY 2.0