If the now defunct Soviet Union taught us anything, it’s that socialism (though some will argue the Soviet Union wasn’t strictly socialist) is not such a great system.  In theory, it has a certain appeal and promises blissful harmony, but as soon as the human element and greed are tossed into the mix, the system quickly gets derailed. It is an awesome system if you slack off and don’t have ambition, because the government just gives you everything you need, even if you don’t work for it. And a University of Texas class learned that lesson the hard way.

As reported by Total Frat Move, a University of Texas professor used the Denmark tax system structure to “reappropriate” grades from the top scoring students to the worst performing students. As a silver lining though, the students were able to keep their respective positions in order of the original scoring, albeit with a far lower or higher score than they truly earned.

It is unclear if the professor employed this little stunt due to his beliefs in the socialist ideal or if it was a lesson on how well socialism destroys any incentive to excel, but it certainly taught the students an important lesson on working hard. That lesson being that it doesn’t pay to work hard in a socialist society.  Next time when they are considering heading to the bar with friends the night before the test, I just hope they remember that someone else is studying hard, so they can go drink and make questionable decisions rather than actually learn the material on the exam.

Title Image via “Hammer and Sickle Flag” by Nick Hubbard is licensed under CC BY 2.0