It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Janet Napolitano and the University of California system, but I guess that is what hiding 175 million dollars and allegedly interfering with the independence of state audit will get you.  Now, the audit which uncovered the 175 million dollar hidden fund has prompted a legislative hearing to gather facts on a situation which presents as a total disaster.

In front of state legislators, Napolitano, the current president of the University of California system, apologized for creating the “wrong impression” of interfering with the state audit of UC administration operations but stopped short of apologizing for her actions, which included her, and her staff, communicating with campus leaders during a survey aimed at independently gauging the administration’s operations.   According to the Sacramento Bee, Napolitano defended her behavior as “an effort to ensure that campuses understood the purpose of the audit and that the auditor received correct information in completing her report.”  By “correct” information, I’m guessing that meant information that casts the administration in the best light possible. Call me cynical, but it is difficult to trust an administration that maintained a $175 million hidden fund while raising tuition on innocent students.   Napolitano didn’t stop there though…

She went on to indicate that her administration would direct questions through the official auditing process in the future, or in other words, they would actually follow the proper process in the future.  According to the State Auditor, Elaine Howle, Napolitano’s administration allegedly reviewed and requested alterations prior to the submission of surveys independently sent to and completed by campus leaders.

Miguel Santiago, a Democratic Assemblyman from Los Angeles, stated “Holy cow manure, I can’t believe this is happening.”  But really, should anyone be surprised that an administration that was accused of favoring non-resident students to obtain higher tuition fees just one year ago is now engulfed in another potentially shameful situation?

It sounds like things are a total mess in the University of California system….

{Via The Sacramento Bee}

Title Image “Campanile, UC Berkeley” by Joe Hall is licensed under CC BY 2.0