In the embarrassing fight for which country can be the most politically correct, Canada just landed a devastating right hook via their Department of Transportation.  Their DOT informed a man that his last name was too offensive and could no longer be displayed on his license plate. The man’s name: Lorne Grabher.

This wasn’t a legally changed name like Ron Artest to Metta World Peace; this was a family surname passed down at birth.  But that didn’t stop the DOT from becoming triggered and saying the plate was “misogynistic and promotes violence against women.” For those of you thinking that he is using his surname to cover up a reference to Trump’s distasteful comments about women, the plate was reportedly purchased and placed on a vehicle over 20 years ago – clearly before the 2016 unveiling of the Trump voice recording  and even the actual comments made in 2005.

The hypocrisy of the whole situation is unbelievable. The PC police constantly inundate the public with advice to not stereotype and judge too quickly, yet, a complaint was allegedly made to the DOT stipulating how offensive the phrase was on the license plate which led  quick decision, and the next thing you know – the plate is banned.  If the police had taken their own advice and learned the context, they would have known it wasn’t a phrase aiming to be offensive or harm someone – it was simply a person’s last name.

If a person can’t even put their own name on their own license plate on their own vehicle, where does this end?

[Via ABC 7 News and The Telegraph]

Title Image via “license plate Nova Scotia” by Bethany is licensed under CC BY 2.0